Customized Commercial Cleaning Services

Create an impeccable business environment with our tailor-made solutions

Commercial cleaning service

Our commercial cleaning service is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses looking to maintain a clean and hygienic working environment.
Our services are flexible to suit your schedule and include cleaning solutions for :





Recreational centres


Car dealerships

Health centres

Opt for professional quality with Les Experts de l’entretien.

Carpet Cleaning

Preserve the health of your air and the durability of your carpets with our professional cleaning service, guaranteeing expert treatment every step of the way :

Detailed inspection

Assessment to determine the fibre and the appropriate treatment

Stain removal

Application of a stain remover to soiled areas.

Shampooing and scrubbing

Application of soap and deep scrubbing to lift the fibre.

Rinsing and drying

Application of a rinsing product and ventilation drying.

Using appropriate methods, we ensure regular cleaning of entryway carpets and annual cleaning of office carpets. Choose Les Experts de l’entretien and give your lungs healthy air.

Sanitary Products Inventory

Optimize your environment with our range of eco-friendly sanitary products :

Personalised advice

Informed recommendations to meet your specific needs.

Fast Delivery

Regular supply for constant availability, with a reduced carbon footprint.

Quality Products Made Here :

We are constantly improving our eco-friendly products for maximum efficiency.

We monitor and regularly replenish items such as disinfectants, antibacterial soaps, hygiene products and other essentials. Rely on our expertise in sanitary products to keep your spaces clean, while reducing your carbon footprint.


Produits Sanitaires Lépine offers a complete range of essential accessories for the industry, including :

Mesh gloves
CFIA-approved agri-food cleaners
Remco and Vikan
Giesser Messer knives
Clarke and Viper
Steel-It paint

Window Cleaning

Give your professional space exceptional clarity with our top-of-the-range window cleaning service.
At Les Experts de l’entretien, we provide meticulous cleaning, leaving your glass surfaces sparkling.

Whether for offices, restaurants, hotels or shopping centres, our dedicated team guarantees impeccable results.
Enjoy crystal-clear visibility that enhances the image and ambience of your professional environment. Opt for transparency and brilliance with our professional window cleaning service.

Scrubbing and Stripping Floors

Our floor scrubbing services are designed to thoroughly clean the floors of your business, removing one to two layers of finish, which will be replaced with new finish. No chemical strippers are used, but rather an environmentally friendly degreaser to help erode the old finish. After neutralizing the pH of the floor, we apply several coats of new finish. This work is carried out annually.

Floor stripping is an operation designed to remove existing wax. We use a stripper formulated to break down the polymer molecules and dissolve the finish. Then, after neutralizing the floor’s pH, we apply several coats of finish. This work is performed approximately every 5 years.

Major Cleaning Services

Our major cleaning service covers all aspects of building maintenance.

Preparing residential units prior to moving in

Cleaning the walls and ceilings of an office building

Pressure cleaning the exterior of a business

Periodic cleaning of housing co-ops for seasonal workers

Our dedicated team is there for you. We thoroughly wash walls, take care of the inside of cabinets, and make sure every corner is sparkling clean. Our all-encompassing approach to cleaning guarantees impeccable results and renewed freshness.

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