Sanitation or disinfection ?

Housekeeping is a simple task to perform, and to do it well, we must know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Cleaning is a prerequisite for sanitation and disinfection to ensure that surfaces are clean. The goal is to remove greasy deposits and dust. Prepare a solution of water and a suitable cleaner according to our needs, following the recommended dilution. Using microfiber cloths or pads, clean the desired surfaces.


The objective this time is to reduce the quantity of bacteria to a safe level. On the label of a disinfectant product, there are often two different dilution doses and two different application times. Our disinfectant, Désinfekt, is ready to use (without dilution), and the surface must be left wet for 2 minutes for complete sanitization. This technique is commonly used in the food industry.


In the case of disinfection, the aim is to significantly reduce certain bacteria and viruses. The list of microorganisms concerned is often indicated on the disinfectant’s technical data sheet. In this case, the contact time is extremely important as the work is purely chemical. For Désinfekt, the surface must be left wet for 5 minutes. This technique is primarily used in the medical field.