Removing a sticky substance

It’s not always easy to remove adhesive residue when removing protective tape. More often than not, the adhesive has adhered well to the surface and refuses to come off. Using a window scraper can be a good solution on some surfaces but can also pose a risk of damaging the surface.

If the surface allows, a solvent-based product can be used after testing it on the material. In the field of housekeeping, a citrus-scented deodorizer is sometimes used because these cans contain a lot of solvent to disperse the odor and allow it to remain suspended in the air for longer. The Pro-Link Désodorisant et Rafraichisseur d’air is highly recommended. In addition to quickly and cleanly removing adhesive residues, it will add a spring-like fragrance. This type of product should be avoided on plexiglass or wood.

On such surfaces, use a cloth to apply mineral oil and then rinse with soapy water.